Monday, October 03, 2005

The Last Post Ever

All -

When I worked at, the easiest way to say goodbye to a large group of people was to send a single email to everyone you knew (and in the early days, to the entire company). These emails were often funny, usually clever, and always sentimental. Every now and then a random tirade would come barreling into your inbox, spilling its guts about the injustices of the world and Amazon's nefarious scheming and evil corporate ways. These emails were usually written by people who were very upset, and instead of walking into the gentle Seattle rain with a modicum of dignity, they chose to spend their last few moments at the company venting their spleen before hitting the wet pavement in search of a new job. Those emails were funny in their own way, too.

I introduced myself to an AP Literature class today at a local high school, and for many, many reasons, this blog has to shut down. This is mostly - almost entirely - my choice, although a professor did mention the other day that there is a big debate going on in education right now about whether teachers should blog, at all, ever. Personally, I think teachers are held to a higher standard than other citizens, but that's part of the gig and we know that going into the profession. I could blog responsibly as a teacher, or as an anonymous citizen, but right now this blog is going away simply because I don't want any of my students Googling me and reading about my personal life. And if you are one of my students and have already Googled me and have found this blog, congratulations. No, you don't get extra credit.

So let's leave it at this: the classroom felt right today, more right than Amazon ever felt; I'm in the best relationship I've ever had; and the Cardinals are going to kick the shit out of the Padres on their way to a World Championship. I have no spare time thanks to class and homework, but all things being equal, life ain't bad.

Two final things: First, I invite each and every one of you to post a comment - not to blow sunshine at me, but because I'm curious to see who's been reading this. Feel free to identify yourself, or stay anonymous. Second, on the off chance that I start blogging again in another capacity, send a message via the link over there on the right-hand column (the one that says "only the cool kids leave messages"). If you choose to send an email, I will insist on knowing who you are before letting you in on whatever blog I'm writing, if I write one at all.

So long, Dearest Readership. We had a good run.