Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Tuesday, 12 midnight to 12:20am. Perform final hall round. Overhear a young woman say "I'll switch you shirts" in a rather loud voice behind a closed door in Crane. Hear other voices as well. Knock on door. Politely ask them to shut up.

Tuesday, 12:20am to 12:45am. Finish reading articles and try to declutterize room. Notice that a pile of papers sitting on my desk are mostly outdated flyers I was supposed to put up as part of my RA responsibilities. Feel slightly guilty. For about a second.

Tuesday, 12:45am. Go to bed. Vaguely remember lying down, but not much after that.

Tuesday, 7:00am. Am woken up by alarm, not fully rested, from the middle of a dream about trying to tee off on a golf ball which gets plugged in the soggy ground. The more I swing the more it plugs, and it eventually morphs from golf ball to shopping cart. Wake up slightly frustrated at trying to use a three wood to dig a plugged shopping cart out of muck, knowing that every time I poke or jab at the buried shopping cart it's costing me a stroke.

Tuesday, 7:30am. Breakfast at Washakie. Decide to try Honey Nut Cheerios today. They are plain Cheerios. Decide to get a cup of coffee. There are no coffee cups. Say the following silent prayer: "Dear God Who may or may not exist, if You really wanted to prove Your greatness to me, You might consider smiting the holy hell out of Washakie. Also, please don't let my kids grow up to be CSU fans. Amen."

Tuesday, 8:00am. Arrive at most boring class ever, dedicated to issues in special education. An important subject, to be sure, but taught in a most particularly agonizing way. Discuss with other post-bac students what assignments we have or have not done, and which assignments we did or did not know about.

Tuesday, 9:35am. Arrive at Methods of Teaching English I class. While the class discusses Piaget's model of constructivism in education, my mind wanders. Find myself thinking about a capitalist society's need for well-disciplined yes-men/women who inquire only when it's in their best monetary interest, not in the interest of the greater good. Ponder my complicity in this system. Refrain from bringing the subject up for fear of looking like a pretentious goombah.

Tuesday, 11:00am. Am mildly disappointed to see that not only is Washakie still architecturally sound, but is open and serving lunch. Wonder if this proves anything one way or the other about the existence of God. Eat beef ravioli for lunch.

Tuesday, 11:30am. Return to room and write double-entry journal for the Probst article.

Tuesday, 1:00pm. Go to Methods of Teaching English II class. Have a difficult time concentrating. Turn in double entry journal, along with a paragraph of intent outlining what work I'll be doing in this class that justifies me getting graduate credit.

Tuesday, 2:50pm. Return to room. Blog. Sleep.


Blogger Sir Dennis said...

The fact that Washakie was "still architecturally sound" may be a statement that God does say "NO" on occassion.

Not to worry Paul, school's still out on His answer to whether or not your kids grow up to be CSU fans.

Keep up the good work...

6:08 PM  

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