Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Monday, 7:00am. Wake up fully rested by alarm for the first time this semester. Feel refreshed. This feeling lasts approximately five minutes, when it occurs to me in the shower that I have a metric ton of homework and reading due on Tuesday.

Monday, 8:00am. Breakfast at Washakie. Avoid Honey Nut Cheerios because the last time I tried them they were plain Cheerios because the Washakie staff can't read labels. Eat a bowl of Life instead.

Monday, 9am to 11am. Read (and reread) Benjamin Franklin's autobiography to page 53. Interesting guy. Even more interesting when he talks about gettin' it on with whores.

Monday, 11am to 11:50am. EDST 1500. Listen to a speaker from the College of Education talk about the Phase program, which begins during one's sophomore year and continues through student teaching. I have many thoughts on the Phase program, one of which is, "God I hate the Phase program."

Monday, 12pm to 12:50pm. ENGL 2430. Take a quick field trip across campus to the statue of Benjamin Franklin as part of a quiz. Return to class and discuss his autobiography. Avoid mentioning that the most interesting part is when he talks about gettin' it on with whores.

Monday, 1pm. Lunch at Washakie. Find all prepared options to be repulsive. Fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Monday, 2pm. My room. Send a quick email to K.

Monday, 2:05pm to 2:30pm. My room. Take a nap and wake up panicked because I think I've overslept for my afternoon class. I have no late afternoon class on Mondays.

Monday, 2:30pm to 3:00pm. Shower for the random hell of it, but also because I want to shave before my meeting with my mentor teacher.

Monday, 3:00pm to 3:10pm. Read K's response to my email. My curiosity is slightly piqued by her ominous reference to an email from her exbf. Call and leave a message on her voicemail. Mentally prepare to have a music performance major ambush me at any time. Realize I am yet again making up shit to worry about.

Monday, 3:10pm to 3:30pm. Walk to the Union and try to catch up on some reading that's not even due until next week, in lieu of reading that's due the next day. Not sure why.

Monday, 3:30pm to 4:10pm. Meet and talk with mentor teacher. Try to get a feel for how many classes I'll be involved with next semester and what my expectations are. Feel eager and slightly nauseous, as if I'm about to jump off a rather high cliff. Feel as though my mentor teacher is about to give me a rather hard push off said high cliff.

Monday 4:10pm to 5pm. Return to my room. Check email, CNN.com, and Warfish. Work on draft of memo going to all male residents, the gist of which is, "Please shut the fuck up."

Monday, 5pm to 6pm. Dine with A (fellow RA and K's sister) and other RAs from a different hall. Eat an unimpressive salad. Drink caffeine and eat dessert because I'm on HR tonight.

Monday, 6pm to 6:45pm. Remember why I thought about not returning as an RA during RA in-service. Ask A if she happened to bring a handgun.

Monday, 6:45pm to 7pm. Kill time in preparation for our staff meeting at 7pm.

Monday, 7pm. Instead of a staff meeting, our boss has us meet at my favorite coffeehouse so we can just chill out and talk. My boss is a cool guy.

Monday, 8pm to 8:30pm. Return to hall. Track down RA partner and do first round. Mostly quiet, with the exception of the entirety of Hill Hall. All fire extinguishers are charged.

Monday, 8:30pm (I think). Call K, who assures me there is no threat of physical danger of any kind to either of us. Laugh about kookiness of, well, everything.

Monday 8:45ish to 10:00pm. Type up a few small assignments for Tuesday's classes. Read a few pages of Probst, a journal response for which is due Tuesday afternoon.

Monday, 10:00pm to 10:30pm. Perform second hall round of the evening. Unprop a few fire doors; ask a few people to shut their doors. Am mocked.

Monday, 10:35pm. Am asked by fellow Crane RA if I'd like to join a competition to see who can have the most offspring in 15 years. Agree to competition. Have yet to ask K her thoughts.

Monday, 10:35pm to 10:50pm. Walk toward Crane lobby desk with intention of going straight to my room. Lobby desk is surrounded by at least seven people who are giggling and looking at me. I ask what's so funny. They tell me there's a noise complaint. See previous post.

Monday, 10:50pm to 11pm. Rewrite, print, and distribute memo to men's wing regarding noise complaints.

Monday, 11pm to 12 midnight. Read Probst and print out another article from course reserves. Course reserve article discusses constructivism as conceived by Piaget. Have an immensely difficult time giving a shit.


Blogger rothfuss said...

Well I for one am glad to know that there is someone out there ensuring the un-propped-open-edness of the UW residence hall fire doors. You are truly the protector and savior of many young cowboys and girls.

On behalf of humanity, I thank you.

Oh and as always, "You are making good job!"

5:50 PM  
Anonymous mary ann said...

I really enjoyed Ben Franklin's autobiography.

You do not get nearly enough down time.

7:22 PM  

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