Sunday, September 04, 2005

Better, Thanks

I spent yesterday watching college football - lots and lots of college football - instead of freaking out about homework. Yes, yes, I have roughly 100 pages to read and a five pager to rewrite this weekend, not to mention some tricky assignments to crank out in my Methods class, but I woke up yesterday morning and thought I could use a day off.

Wyoming lost but so did Colorado State, and when it comes to Colorado State, I rejoice in others' heartbreak. My beloved Fighting Illini came back from behind and won a football game. Ron Zook may have been a questionable hire after three quarters, but when Pierre Thomas punched it in during OT, Zook looked like the real thing. The Illini have many things to work on this year, but getting a win is not one of them anymore.

Today I'm working the Crane lobby from 10-2, during which I'll get some reading done. Other than that, not a whole lot going on this afternoon.


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