Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Week

Well, folks, it's been a very busy week and is ending, at this very moment, on a sour note. More on that in a minute.

RA training is going better than it did last year, but that's a bit like saying this year's colonoscopy is better than last year's. Some of the sessions are vaguely interesting and occasionally relevant. Most of them are exercises in mental anguish. I literally walk out of the meeting room feeling dumber and far less inspired to be an RA. All of my door and floor decorations are done, so technically the longest days are behind me, but I'm still a little ball of resentment right now.

Of course my new cohorts are a lot of fun – although nothing will ever compare to last year's Orr staff. My hall is populated exclusively by non-traditional students and most of the RAs match that description as well. We're even allowed to have alcohol in our rooms over here, and we're going to be a good staff despite the copious amounts of alcohol consumed on a nightly basis (by them. I just can't/don't drink like I used to). One of the guys is the brother of an Orr staffer from last year – N and I hung out a little bit last year and we've made quick friends. Last night we smoked cigars and had a small glass of port; during training we sometimes pass the time by writing exceedingly offensive and insulting letters to each other.

The building itself was once a beacon of the university's emergence into modernity. Built in 1960, Crane and Hill halls are separated by a central cafeteria (no longer used for serving students). From above, the two halls look like an "H" with its stems bent slightly outward and away from the crosshatch. My room is on the sixth floor, in the upper right corner between the stem and the crosshatch, looking over the connecting hallway and directly at Hill. The connecting hallways (the H's crosshatch) have multi-colored glass panels, undoubtedly leftovers from the Kennedy administration. The place is run down and antiquated by industrialized nations' standards. It has the ambiance of a Sci-Fi movie set sometime after a nuclear apocalypse.

Today, being our only day off throughout the entire course of the two weeks of training, everyone in Crane had planned to go camping and fishing. In fact, as I write this, everyone in Crane is on WY 130 heading into the Snowy Mountains. I'm stuck here because I have an early check-in coming in from Minnesota who's not due in until 7:00 tonight (each hall has a few early check-ins, Crane especially, since we have quite a few law students here). I know where they're going and I'm heading up there after the check-in, but I'm slightly bitter about it.

That's all that's going on here; I'm still trying to figure out when I'll put up the final post. It will likely be sometime soon, but I promise to give fair warning.


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