Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Methods of Teaching English - Basically, this class takes place in two parts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The afternoon section is tailored for more advanced students, which includes my fellow post-bac graduate students. This class is going to be one hell of a lot of work, but also very valuable in terms of preparing me for student- and real-world teaching. The most important class I'm taking this semester.

English Literature - Of the three literature survey classes required by the University of Wyoming, I was required to take two of them. I'm still slightly bitter about that, but in reality, I haven't studied Revolutionary Era (C18 & early C19) literature in years and years. And I really do appreciate having a deeper understanding of the stuff before trying to teach it to high schoolers.

Seminar in Field Experience - Although it's listed as a 4000 level class, this is basically a survey class focusing on topics in Special Education. Good stuff, and I'll definitely need it, but I'm not afraid of this one at all.

Teaching for Social Justice - About a week ago I found out that I had a gigantic scheduling snafu in the works, which meant ditching the Political Science class I'd signed up for just for fun (I had to get my 12 hours to keep my fulltime status). That left me scrambling to find a class that was A) interesting and B) hopefully easy. This is a 1000 level Education class, and after an email exchange with the instructor it sounds like a good time. Yes, it will require thought and work, and yes, I already feel like I'm culturally sensitive and an advocate of social justice in the classroom, but hey! it was open and the instructor is a really cool guy.


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