Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bad, Good, Bad, Good, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad

Bad: I learned yesterday that I couldn't go camping because I had an early check-in.

Good: Last night some friends stopped by and we drank port and watched Old School.

Bad: Seeing those friends made me really miss last year.

Good: Another early check-in arrived late this morning. Thank God I was here or she would have been really super pissed.

Bad: Due to an administrative snafu she had been assigned to a room on the male wing on my floor.

Bad: My boss apparently had her new room assignment all along, but I didn't know that, so I made an executive decision to put her in a female room on my floor. My (outdated) floorplan showed that this new room was empty.

Bad: The room was actually assigned to someone else.

Bad: I had to tell her that she had to move into another room on another floor, after she had moved all her stuff into this room.

Bad: Although she says she's not, I think she's really super pissed.

Bad: In retrospect I should have at least made the effort to call my boss and ask if he had the new room assignment.

Not a great start to my second year as an RA.


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