Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Things That Go Boom

I had yesterday completely off - my only shifts are 2-10 on Sundays and Tuesdays, and class is over (until the new one starts this Monday). So basically I have a week off, and the 4th was a great start.

After sleeping in until 8, I cooked up some tasty French press coffee and watched ESPN for, like, a few hours. Then I went to the local driving range and got my mid-irons to work pretty well (and like I said in a previous post, anything past 1oo yards is "pretty well" by my standards).

After that, my fishing buddy, A, and his girlfriend and fellow RA, K, and I had a little cookout with a propane grill. Hotdogs, chips, soda - and then we watched Those Goddamn New York Yankees beat up on the hapless Baltimore Orioles.

Back up to my room for a while, where I watched a Bond movie - can't remember which one, and they're all starting to blur together anyway. At dusk I snuck onto the 8th floor balcony, which is technically off-limits this summer.

Of course, the difference between "technically" and "really" off-limits comes down to how likely it is that I'll get caught, so I snuck out there with an Arturo Fuente (I always celebrate the end of a semester or class with a cigar). A few other RAs and summer students joined me, and as the northern sky faded through various pastels, we watched bottlerockets shoot like geysers above cottonwoods in Laramie's northern neighborhood. Some guys at the frat house right across the street fired off Roman candles, and sparks fell on their house. We RAs secretly (well, actually, not so secretly) hoped that the place would burn to the ground, because those guys are a total pain in the ass. Meanwhile, firecrackers popped in the distance.

As true darkness approached the first big fireworks went off, northeast of campus by the practice fields. Laramie has an impressive fireworks display every year and this was no different. From well over a mile away we could hear the crowds cheering.

Good stuff, even if I didn't get to light off my own this year.


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