Sunday, July 31, 2005

Medicine Bow Peak

Three friends and I hiked Medicine Bow Peak yesterday. I still think it's longer than 3.5 miles, but I'll skip the long-winded trip report and just post some pictures instead. Although I will say that first 1.5 miles of that hike is remarkably brutal for a non-technical trail.


Blogger Chris L. Sanders said...


We missed you down at Coal Creek the other night! I was telling everyone it was really weird because I went up and did the Medicine Bow Peak loop the Wed just before you all were up there. Had a blast. Give me a call next time you go do something.

I took a few pictures as well. I put a link to them on my blog:

I went down and climbed Torreys a few days ago. I got caught in this freak snowstorm at the top and couldn't see. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it across the saddle to Grays. All in all, it was a good time though. Next weekend I'm going over to the Cirque of the Towers with a guy from work. I'm not sure how much backpacking we'll get done because we'll only have a few days up there before we both have to be back to work.

I think I saw you walking up Grand when I was coming back from Wal-Mart today. Was that you? I couldn't see really good as I was cruising along pretty good but you're about the only bald guy I know in Laramie (except for one of the EMT/firefighters but even he has a little hair!). I'm just giving you shit, I think it looks great!

That's some funny shit in your last post! You better just hope that one of those "rat fuckers" doesn't end up reading your blog! I hear things have really gone down the shitter since Orr broke it off last spring! Take care Paul and hang in there through training!


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