Saturday, July 23, 2005

Idle Hands III: Smell This Pillow

I've mentioned previously that I enjoy pranking people. For about a week now we've had a random set of linens sitting on the lobby counter, and a few days ago as I leaned over the counter I smelled something really bad.

I sniffed at the sheet, tentatively and from a very safe distance. Nothing. The blanket? Nothing. The pillow?

Oh. . . My . . . God. I'm not exactly sure how a pillow could come to smell like a combination of death, gas, and the breath of someone who doesn't floss, but it did. This smell had a force and presence to it; I literally had to take a step back and bat at my nose like a cat who just stuck its face in something really awful. To quote Fat Bastard, "Even Stink would say 'that stinks.'"

And of course that got me thinking. What's the easiest way to get fellow RAs, debate campers, and other hall guests to smell a nasty pillow? Why, just ask them to, of course.

So I made a little trifold sign that said, "Smell this pillow" and set it on the pillow. Only two people - both teenagers - fell for it before someone came and picked up the linens to be washed.


Blogger Mags said...

Nasty. Did you ever figure out what it was on the pillow?

4:56 PM  

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