Tuesday, July 12, 2005

As Official As Can Be Until Spring

It's almost official: as of the start of my new class yesterday, I'm a grad student. I don't have to apply to the Graduate School until spring for some reason but the class will count toward graduate credit. It's called "The Art and Science of Teaching," and so far I'm really impressed with the instructor. He's a GA pursuing his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, the same field in which I'll eventually have my MA. He used to teach high school Spanish and is a pretty bright dude; like me, he worked in the corporate world for a few years before deciding to teach. And so far, this class is right up there with my Young Adult Literature class in terms of delivering useful, "real-world" scenario teaching tactics. Great stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it's not technically official, but Congratulations anyway!


2:24 PM  

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