Friday, June 24, 2005

Michael Berube Gets a Very Special Hug

What happens when an incredibly bright literature professor draws the ire of an incredibly inept political hack? Why, the incredibly inept political hack winds up looking like the complete fucking moron he is, that's what!

Horowitz, if you're reading this: give up. Everyone's laughing at you. Even your friends.

[Editor's note: I took a class from Michael Berube in the spring of 1996 at the University of Illinois. Not only do I like the guy personally - he and his family came to my graduation party, for Chrissakes - but I firmly believe that his class literally changed the way I thought about the world. Michael and David Horowitz have traded barbs, sometimes very personally, for a while now. Actually, a better way of putting it is: for years David Horowitz has yapped at Michael's ankles like the rightwing lapdog he is, and Michael routinely punts the little fucker through the endzone. Horowitz comes back, though, like a miniature poodle who'll take whatever attention he can get, even if it's a swift kick in the head.]


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