Monday, June 13, 2005


I started my first summer class today. EDST 4000, Foundations of a Diverse Society, promises to be a rollicking three hours every afternoon for the next three weeks. Okay, maybe not "rollicking," exactly, but at least it's intellectual stimulation. I mean Christ, I can only read 250 pages of Patrick O'Brian daily for so many weeks before I start looking for other forms of entertainment.

The class itself looks pretty cool, focusing mostly on multiculturalism issues in education. I say "multiculturalism issues" instead of just "multiculturalism" because the concept alone is complicated and not readily classified. Multiculturalism is an approach, a theory, a practice, an effect, but perhaps most importantly, a state of affairs. The term is often brandished like a lead pipe by conservatives, but the fact is we live in a multicultural society. Even in Wyoming.

The reading assignment tonight, taken from the introduction to a text, discussed various subgenres of multiculturalism and the pros and cons associated with each. Luckily it avoided hippy-dippy leftist rhetoric and provided a fairly balanced evaluation.

In more personal news, my friend A (she was in my Young Adult Literature class this past semester) is in this class, and she's a riot.


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