Wednesday, May 25, 2005


It's pronounced "vee duh voo," like it rhymes with "peekaboo," and it's an odd geological area just east of Laramie. Vedauwoo is a rock climber's paradise (I'm told - I hate heights) and an awesome place for quick hikes - those rat bastard politicians want to charge five bucks for a day pass, but most locals just park along Forest Service roads and hike in to wherever we want to go. Vedauwoo sits on a north/south ridge that comprises most of Medicine Bow National Forest; this ridge is actually a mountain chain (the Laramie Mountains) that extends north for 80 miles or so, curving slightly to the west and eventually stopping near the middle of the state. Casper Mountain is the very northernmost edge and last mountain in the chain; the land north of Casper is flat and, well, high desert. Take a look at a map - any old road atlas of Wyoming will do - and you'll see what I mean.

Last Friday I headed up there after work for a quick hike. I parked in a promising camping spot and just headed off-trail towards the nearest high point, which turned out to be a rock outcropping with an awesome view. The pictures below don't quite do the place justice.


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