Sunday, May 15, 2005


The weekend in Steamboat Springs with Willie and Jenn was, as these weekends always are, a good time. It would have been a better time, though, if I hadn't come down with some wicked allergies or cold-like symptoms on Friday afternoon. I felt a tickle in my throat Friday morning, and somewhere near Walden I started sneezing, and by the time we were hanging out in Willie's condo I was suffering from the nastiest nose-throat problems I've had in years. Willie and Jenn were kind enough to keep me dosed up on Claritin and nasal spray, which helped, and for the rest of the night I'd feel okay for a few hours but would suddenly feel totally crappy for stretches.

We'd planned on doing some kayaking Saturday morning, but I just didn't feel like sticking my head in a river comprised mostly of snow runoff. The run itself looked doable – mostly class II with a few class III holes – but even without the likelihood of putting the boat upside down, I just didn't want to risk it.

Instead, Willie and I took a hike up the mountain on Steamboat's western slope (the ski area occupies part of the valley's eastern slope). The overlook gives you a fantastic view of the town and ski runs. Willie was alert enough to grab his phone and take a picture of me. Saturday evening we played some volleyball and eventually grilled some burgers; I had a beer and hamburger around 9:30, and that's the last thing I remember. Willie tells me I said something about lying down for a bit, and in five minutes I was snoring away on the couch.

I'm back in Laramie now, and while the sneezing and throat itch has gone away, I'm still really congested. Bleh.


Blogger Rosellen said...

Lucky Willie and Jen. Do you suppose either of them has a scratchy throat yet?

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