Sunday, May 29, 2005

Spring in Laramie

Somehow, I'd forgotten that spring in Laramie is tricky. Today has been windy with occasional light showers; it's so dry here that rain evaporates from the sidewalks quickly, even when it's this cold. Well, actually, I'm just assuming it's cold out. I haven't been outside myself, not once today, having taken a nap after my shift and then watching baseball. Fuck you, Yankees!

So the clouds have been raggedy and oppressive, which somehow seems to fit my mood. Mostly I'm just off my game from the overnight shift, but I'm also stressing out a little bit about money, finding a teaching job a year from now, and the aforementioned loneliness thing (sorry for the melodramatic tone to that last post - that's what I get for writing in the morning after a weird night).

Oh, hey, a question for the Dearest Readership: if I'm suddenly taken by a desire to build models again (mostly wooden ships, which I've never tried but have been told are quite a challenge), does that make me the most immature 33 year old ever? I can't decide if building models is a reasonable adult pastime or a symptom of severe developmental retardation. Thoughts?


Blogger CanadaDave said...

Seeing as I'm a 29 year old who's had the same feeling about plastic model airplanes for a while, I see no fault with a 33 year old wanting to build model ships.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My great uncle makes model ships, but he whittles each and every piece, right down to the tiniest cannon ball. I've always thought model ship building was for really old people, so maybe you're being really mature.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Leta said...

Well, I drive all over the place to sing Gilbert & Sullivan with equally geeky people, so I may not have much room to talk, but sure, why not? If you enjoy it, do it.

10:00 PM  

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