Monday, May 09, 2005

My Craptastic New Room

I spent yesterday moving from one dorm room into another; my new room in Downey Hall is smaller. Much, much smaller. You walk into the room and take a left, and you're at the window. Take a step to the right and you're at the desk. Turn around and you're at the sink. Downey Hall was built in 1965, but judging by the room dimensions you'd think it was built two centuries earlier. It's sort of like the smallest dorm room you've ever seen, but smaller. The sole redeeming quality of this room is that it's carpeted.

Throughout the day the other RAs and I referred to it as "the ghetto." Yeah, yeah, I know that term is patently offensive in just about any context. But we're going through some stressful times right now, and we'll take our laughs where we can. Like saying "that's just ghettofabulous" while assembling rickety loft kits for our beds, or mumbling the falsetto chorus from Elvis's song "In the Ghetto" whenever something didn't go our way. By the end of the day we'd rewritten a whole verse:

To the tune of "In the Ghetto" by Elvis Presley:

On a cold and gray Wyoming morn
Another underpaid RA leaves Orr
for the ghetto
(the ghetto)

And the wind blows

This morning I'm working my first shift at the Downey lobby desk, and it's not so bad down here. It's clean and organized; it's quiet; I've already done some reading – some leisurely, non-scholastic reading – and it was heaven.


Blogger Anna said...

Be sure to post your new address. I want to keep those packages coming!!

Hope the bread got there OK.

11:18 AM  

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