Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Idle Hands II: The Double Stink

Another prank that I’ve always wanted to pull involves creating nasty, horrible smells in someone’s room. This version is strictly off-limits to residents, since it involves room invasion, but it’s perfect for RAs. In most halls here, where two RAs work on the same floor, their rooms are divided by a bathroom. Sure, each bathroom door locks on both sides, but most partners get to the point where they forego the locking business in lieu of a simple knock on the door. This trust and respect is key to any good working relationship. It's also fun to violate.

While elegant and complicated pranks are all well and good, I prefer the Viet Cong approach: ingeniously simple, brutally effective, and astoundingly cheap. This one can be pulled off for about two bucks.

First, get two cans of tuna.
Second, get a few strips of duct tape.
Third, get the target’s RA partner to let you into the target’s room while they’re gone.

Poke a hole in the first can of tuna. Drain it. Put it somewhere – anywhere – in the room, hidden but not hidden too well. This is your diversionary stink, so behind the refrigerator is good. At the back of the refrigerator works as well.

Poke a hole in the second can of tuna. Drain it. As your primary stink, you need to duct tape it in a hidden spot: the underside of the sink counter is good. The underside of their work desk is also good. A hidden corner of their bed frame works. Somewhere near or on the heater elevates this prank to supernasty.

Once that room heats up, the target will probably notice a certain odor. With any luck, they’ll assume it’s their laundry and take care of it. After a day or two they’ll probably realize it’s something else, and most likely, they’ll find the diversionary can. "Ha!" they’ll think to themselves. "Found it!"

And yet the odor will linger. It will in fact get stronger. It will reek. After a week or so it will be noxious, and neighbors will start complaining.

This prank would be even better if you could somehow sneak into the target's room, thus ensuring no accomplices will rat you out. Its relatively benign nature, though, means that even if you do get busted, the consequences won't be too bad - and if the target dares to take revenge, it only paves the way to bigger and better stunts.


Blogger Anna said...

Paul, Paul, Paul, I am ashamed of you.

It should be sardines, not tuna.

11:56 AM  

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