Sunday, May 01, 2005

Final Exams and Carrion Dinners

I took time off from studying and went to church this morning, where my old friend H was preaching. He's the assistant pastor at an evangelical church, and he's heading off to seminary in August. We're slowly rebuilding our old friendship, though, and I'm getting more comfortable talking to him about religion. Part of his sermon this morning actually made reference to some of our high school hijinks. Still, at some point soon I'm going have a heart to heart with him; I love the guy and can see glimmers of the old H every now and then, but I don't think I'll ever be a full-fledged member of his congregation.

As a side note, when H kicked off the service with announcements he made several references to a "carrion dinner." I was baffled by this term; I know these fundie types do some strange stuff, and a very small part of me wondered if things had become snake-handling, speaking-in-tongues, out-and-out, weird. Then it occurred to me he was saying "carry-in dinner," which made much more sense.

In other news, I got an A on the conference paper, and one of the faculty noted that it was "one of the strongest presentations – both in terms of reading and of content." My final week is shaping up pretty nicely: today and tomorrow morning I'll study for my Linguistics final on Monday afternoon. Monday evening and all day Tuesday, I'll be writing my final research paper for Senior Seminar, which is essentially a higher octane and more developed version of the conference paper. Tuesday afternoon I turn in my final project for my Quantitative Reasoning class, which I worked on for about eight hours yesterday and finished last night around 11:30. Tuesday evening I present my final project in Young Adult Literature, for which we had to "respond creatively" to any text we read throughout the year. I wrote a poem over the course of the week and wrote the requisite reflection paper on Saturday. Basically, everything's done except the Linguistics final and the research paper. As of Wednesday morning when I turn in the paper, I'll be all done with the semester.


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Wow. Sounds like you're cruising, Paul. We're rooting for you!

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