Friday, May 20, 2005

Drop Whatever You're Doing and Go See Star Wars

I worked the lobby desk this morning from 7 to 11, and between watching the original Star Wars last night and checking out trailers for Episode III on the Internet, I got a wee obsessive and made a compulsive decision to go catch the 12:30 show this afternoon.


Despite some crappy dialogue (what would a Star Wars movie be without George Lucasisms?), this was the best of the prequels by far, and in my opinion, right behind The Empire Strikes Back and the original Star Wars in terms of sheer entertainment value. All kinds of good stuff happens in this one, and it does a damn fine job of explaining how we wound up with the events in Epidsode IV. The battle scenes are epic and visually overwhelming . . . we get to see . . Chewbacca . . . and then the Emporer . . . gets all up in Yoda's grill . . . and then . . . Anakin. . . gets worked . . . by Obi Wan . . .

Sweet mercy. All I had hoped for, and then some. I'm going to see it again Monday night with other staffers, and will even go again sooner if someone asks. I strongly recommend catching this one at the theatre - it is the ultimate summer movie.

Go. Right now.


Blogger Shannon said...

I agree completely! I adored it. I stood in line for five hours to catch the opening on Wed. at 12:01 am in Cheyenne, and it just blew me away. It was worth the five hour wait. There was one plot hole that bothered me quite a bit... but I won't post it here due to spoilers. I'll keep an eye for you on MSN to chat with you about it. :)

5:07 PM  
Blogger david said...

shannon -

i am curious to find out what you thought the plot hole was. you can post it to my blog, or email me.

i caught it opening evening. i didn't have to wait in line here in steamboat, but then our theater screens aren't much bigger than a big-screen tv. still... amazing.

10:00 AM  

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