Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Amazing Race

If you know me at all, you know that I generally hate primetime TV. In fact, about the only TV I watch anymore is SportsCenter in the morning and endless hours of WWII footage on the History channel at night. But some friends convinced me to watch The Amazing Race, and last night . . . well . . . the right couple won the million bucks. For once.

First, some background. A group of us went over to our friends' apartment for the finale. A quick note here about their apartment: north of campus, just past the football stadium, there are squat rows of military-looking brick barracks. I think they were barracks at one point, but I'm not sure. Anyhoo, these barracks have been "renovated" into apartments, and J and R got a one bedroom for something like $500 (although, being the good Christian couple they are, are not both technically living there just yet - they're getting married on my birthday in a few weeks) which includes absolutely everything except long-distance phone service. This is an astoundingly low price for Laramie. The rental market - hell, our entire real estate market - is unreasonably expensive. I mean, Jesus, this is Wyoming, not Hong Kong. We have space, you know? As much as I like Laramie, I actually wouldn't want to be in the market for a house here.

Soooo, we all went over to their tiny apartment and watched The Amazing Race. All of us were pulling for Uchenna and Joyce simply because, well, they're good people. Unlike the POW and Pageant Queen, who snipped at each other at every possible opportunity, Uchenna and Joyce were supportive and clearly in love; even when things got shitty and they were chopping onions while the other two couples were miles and hours ahead, they stuck together. Awesome. As for Rob and whats-her-nugget, well, they'd already won their million bucks from a Survivor episode. So fuck them right in the ear.

Anyway, when Uchenna and Joyce crossed the finish line and announced they'd use some of their money for invitro (they'd been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. But not during the show. At least, if they did, it wasn't aired), oh, the waterworks! Uchenna and Joyce cried. The goofy host of the show cried. The other contestants cried. I suspect some of my friends were crying.

So that was my night. I'm back at the lobby desk today from 7am to 3pm. Which is actually fine with me, since it's supposed to snow today. Welcome to summer staff!


Anonymous mary ann said...

You should have seen my living room last night during the TAR finale. I had to have four drinks and a thousand cigarettes to keep myself from exploding from nerves.

What a good season.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

Amen, brother. I love the Amazing Race, and I agree, the right couple definitely won. The patience and drive that Uchenna and Joyce showed really gives a person a good feeling. Because you don't see that much anymore, especially on television.

8:34 AM  

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