Thursday, April 21, 2005

My Vision, and an Update

Well, it turns out I have perfect vision and there's absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes. The optometrist did say that the headaches are probably due to normal strain, and that a pair of +1 prescription reading glasses might help. So he gave me a loaner pair to try out for a few days. If they seem to help, and I already think they are, I'll go back to the office to pick up a pair of bona fide reading glasses.

Yes, I know I could buy a cheap pair at Wal*Mart. But I think their sense of style might be, um, lacking.

This afternoon I did laundry and got started on That Goddamn Linguistics Paper. I'm about four pages into it and am hoping to knock out another two pages tonight. I'd resolved on Tuesday to get halfway through the thing today, get the other half laid out on Sunday, and then spend next week puttying in the cracks. I realized today that my thesis won't work, so I fired off an email to my professor asking her if I could change. Haven't heard back, but keep your fingers crossed. If I'm stuck with my original thesis idea – that Gaelic poetry is a source of power within the discourse of Scottish nationalism – I'm fucked. Well, maybe not fucked. But I'm not getting as much mileage out of that idea as my research notes had indicated I would. Turns out Gaelic didn't decline because of oppressive policies so much as the natural forces of modernity affecting daily life. If you're gonna make a buck in this world (or at least, in Scotland in the 20th century), it behooves you to speak English.

Meanwhile, the conference paper is coming together but is far from complete. The final title, submitted today, is "Where the Hell Did You Get That Idea?: Lacan's Mirror Stage and the Monolith's Meaning in 2001: A Space Odyssey." I wish I could have come up with a better title, but the part before the colon comes from one of the funniest/most terrifying moments in the film, and fits in nicely with some revisions I'm writing about HAL.

Back to writing.


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