Sunday, April 03, 2005

It's Nice Out

It is a gorgeous day in Laramie. There's still ice in the shadows and grit on the sidewalk, but it's a warm wind blowing out there.

Of course, I'm not out there enjoying it; I'm inside worrying about assignments.

I walked down to the UW library to get crackin', finally, on that damn Linguistics paper. Somehow during my initial search I'd missed some great texts which relate specifically to Gaelic as a site of power in the discourse of Scottish nationalism, so even though I haven't written one damn word of the paper itself, I did find some good source material. I pretty much cleaned out all of Coe's books on Scottish Gaelic, so hopefully no one else is writing on this, or yours truly just plain screwed them.

My Senior Seminar project is a concern as well. We have to apply a theory to any text, and then present it to faculty at a conference. Granted, the conference is put on by the English department and the only faculty who will be there will have been invited by the students, but still. . . Jesus.

Speaking of Jesus, I went over to my friend-turned-holy-roller's house for dinner Friday night. More on that later.


Anonymous Sara said...

Once I checked out all of the books on a topic (also Coe) and someone else needed them, so the library actually recalled the books early. I was pretty annoyed about it and considered not bringing them back. But I needed some other books, so I had to give in. Some times the "screwed" get to do the screwing in the end.

1:55 PM  

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