Friday, April 22, 2005


People, things are looking up.

I got my notification today that I will be placed in Laramie High School for my student teaching next year; not only that, but my mentor teacher will be the teacher that some of the locals from my floor (who attended Laramie High... and also attended Laramie high, but that's a different story) absolutely worshipped. So: I got the school and the mentor that I really, really wanted.

Second, I ordered some glasses online yesterday, had them rushed, and they arrived this afternoon. See the above pic. I like 'em. Unfortunately, I also really, really, *really* like this other funky pair at the optometrist's office . . . which are made in Denmark and cost, no shit, $250. I have two student loans plus a loan from the International Bank of Dad, and I'm seriously considering getting those glasses. They're that fucking cool.

Know what? It's Friday afternoon, I have a decent handle on my papers (my Linguistics professor wrote back and said it was no problem to change my thesis - thank Christ), and I'm off to Happy Hour.