Sunday, April 10, 2005

From the National Weather Service

This is a Severe Winter Warning for southeastern portions of Wyoming including Albany county and the greater Laramie metro area. A Winter Storm Warning means a significant accumulation in your area is imminent. Take precautions immediately. Seriously, folks, you won't believe the amount of snow coming your way. We really hope you haven't boxed up your thermal underwear or put away your hats or gloves, because holy shit, you're in for some seriously heavy snowfall. Your shovels better be those titanium kind because plastic will be no match for the blizzard about to descend on you. You know those pictures of trains going through snowdrifts that reach higher than the train itself? That's how much snow you're going to get. Shit, you won't even be able to see the top of War Memorial Stadium. There's going to be so much snow, man, so much fuckin' snow, you'll be buried for weeks. We here at the National Weather Service have seen some pretty big snowstorms in our time, and this one's gonna be one for the books. Look out, Laramie. You people are fucked.


That was the general tone of the most recent forecast, give or take a few adjectives. And as with all snowfall predictions around here, it was woefully overrated. They predicted ten inches, we got less than one. They were right about the wind, though. We got plenty of that.


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