Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Conference Paper

I presented my conference paper ('Where the hell did you get that idea?': The Mirror and the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey) last night for my Senior Seminar in English class. A few of my friends were able to attend my session (there were four sessions simultaneously, so people had to pick which sets of presenters they wanted to see), as well as my Young Adult Literature instructor. I thought it went pretty well, mostly, and even won a runner-up prize for "Best Response to an Audience Member's Question."

Today I'll be spending a few hours polishing That Goddamn Linguistics Paper, and depending on how that goes, working on final projects in Quantitative Reasoning and Young Adult Literature. I also need to develop the aforementioned conference paper into a full research paper, which will require doubling its length. This actually won't be too bad; I noticed as I edited the conference paper (due to time constraints it was required to be about 5 pages) that I was paring out a bunch of minor details which supported the argument, so a good part of the rewrite will simply involve explaining and expanding upon ideas already present.

Anyhoo. It's snowing here, and the walk to the gym was treacherous so I think I won't be driving downtown to the coffeeshop anytime soon. It's actually great writing weather.



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