Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Quick Update in the Middle of Homework

Spring is trying, it's trying real hard, to arrive in Laramie. Unfortunately, Laramie is on the phone with Winter, reminiscing about those long nights snuggling by the fire and thermoses full of hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps, and is too damn busy to answer the door.

Yesterday we were in the 50's. Today we're in the 40's with wind. The forecast calls for rain turning to snow by tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, I haven't noticed because I've been doing homework when not watching college basketball. I still can't seem to write about the Illinois win on Saturday, other than to say, without hyperbole, that it was The Greatest College Basketball Game That Was Ever and Will Ever Be Played.

Tonight I'm in the middle of an article analysis regarding children and wordplay in Alice in Wonderland, which happens to rely heavily on Piaget (the child psychologist) and on Saussurean and Derridean notions of play. I haven't written a damn thing for that Linguistics paper. I haven't read Dracula in its entirety. I did manage to get some reading done for my Young Adult Lit class, but not enough – I still have four more novels to read by next week. The Quantitative Reasoning presentation seemed to go pretty well, but now I need to start thinking about our final project.

Five weeks of classes left, plus finals. Yikes.


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