Friday, March 04, 2005

Okay, So Maybe There's a Third Addiction

Besides Shamrock Shakes and Call of Duty, I think it's reasonable to say I have a caffeine addiction as well. Stepping between me and my first cup of coffee is like stepping between a mama grizzly and her cubs while wearing a suit made of salmon filets.

The University of Wyoming's residence hall cafeteria is called The Washakie Center, named for Chief Washakie, a Shoshone whose complicity with the U.S. Army led to major expansion through Wyoming. Washakie could be viewed as a visionary pacifist, unless you are of Sioux or Cheyenne descent, in which case you might have a few problems with Washakie's treacherous ass. I like to think of Washakie as a guy who evaluated the situation, understood that the whitefolks' bullets didn't really care about local tribal disputes, and decided he'd rather live in harmony with the whitefolk and drink their coffee. And maybe for all his trouble they'd someday name a cafeteria after him.

Washakie - the cafeteria - was out of coffee for three consecutive days. The cafeteria is divided into two large rooms with the food stations in the middle, and each room has its own coffee maker. The coffee maker in the room where we usually sit had a broken handle. The coffee maker in the other room was simply out of coffee.

Things were just not going my way.

Today one of the coffee machines is back online, thank Christ, and all I have coming down the pike is a lecture in Linguistics and a review of our midterm project draft in Quantitative Reasoning. And then it's Happy Hour, and the weekend. Things are lookin' up!


Blogger Chad said...

I have fond and not so fond memories of Washakie Cafeteria. They've changed it considerably since I was there.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Mags said...

I should send you some coffee from where I work. Do you have a hot water boiler thingy, and a press pot? I feel so sorry for you, being subjected to cafeteria coffee when you could be drinking so much better.

1:19 PM  

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