Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Today was one of those days, and they are rare, during which I seriously questioned how well I'll handle being a teacher. You see, Dearest Readership, there's a young woman in both my Linguistics class and Senior Seminar class who – oh, what's the phrase I'm looking for here? – drives me fucking nuts. If I had to deal with her behavior all day long, I'd be thinking not about Foucauldian or Saussurian violence in language, but rather violence in immediate and personal terms.

She interrupts the professor. She leans into my personal space to copy my notes while I'm still writing them. She chortles. What's more, she apparently chortles at the voices in her head because usually there's nothing funny at all being said. Nothing. It's like she's possessed.

During Linguistics today, while looking our professor in the eye, this woman asked, "Do people actually find this stuff interesting? I just don't get it. GUFFAW DE HAR HAR HAR!" This was followed by what her outbursts are generally followed by, which is to say total silence. Then the professor's veins popped out a little as she continued her lecture.

After Linguistics I went to my Quantitative Reasoning class, which is a fairly cool class in that most of it is topical and is actually preparing me to be a teacher. Batshit insane woman isn't in that class, but the level of whining and interrupting really got to me in there. Jesus Halliburton Christ, people, shut up and let the instructor finish her sentence before you interrupt with questions about the very process she's trying to explain. Guh.

Senior Seminar tonight went pretty well, but apparently we were supposed to have read Dracula, which I haven't. Turns out I don't even own a copy. Not sure how I missed that one.

Hmm. If I sound cranky tonight, it's because I am. Off to the bookstore!


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Ahhh, now I see.

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