Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Live From Steamboat Springs

It's spring break, and after waking up Monday morning with what can only be described as a TV hangover (college basketball - lots and lots of college basketball), I got a call from Willie in Steamboat.

Isn't there a cartoon about a guy named Steamboat Willie? Yes. Yes I believe there is.

Anyway. I had told Willie in Steamboat that I thought about visiting him for a few days during spring break. He and I met through my stepbrother Tim, who hasn't updated his blog since November and deserves an email from each and every one of the Dearest Readership. I think I've mentioned before that it was during Willie and Jenn's wedding in Denver a few years that I realized I needed to be back west.

So after talking to Willie I realized I could either hang around Laramie for another few days, watching TV and playing video games, or I could head down to Steamboat - a two hour drive when the roads are clear. Why not?

Seasoned readers know what happened the last time I drove to Steamboat Springs; a two hour drive wound up taking four or so. The drive was better this time with the exception of the stretch in the Snowies that lasts fifteen miles before crossing into Colorado. The road was snowpacked and icy; on one hill I passed a van with a trailer that had jack-knifed and at that point I decided that this trip might be a good time to try out those tire chains I bought a few years ago.

At the first available turnoff I slid and fishtailed into a parking area usually used by snowmobilers but presently occupied by snowcovered - and presumably snowbound - cars (this is in the middle of mountains so there are no gas stations).

The chains went on easily enough. And frankly, I'm glad I put them on because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it otherwise. At the Colorado border - literally at the sign for the Colorado border - the roads improved. I kept the chains on only long enough to find a clear spot to pull off the road.

Once at Willie's we went out for dinner and then played guitar for hours. This morning I walked around Steamboat for a bit and came up to Colorado Mountain College (where Willie works) to hang out here. I write this from CMC's library.

On tonight's agenda we have the play-in game between two first round fodder teams in the NCAA tournament, a bottle of Irish whiskey, and more guitar.


Blogger Chad said...

Why don't you rent yourself some skis or a snowboard tomorrow and check out the ski bunnies?

4:28 PM  

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