Thursday, March 31, 2005

Jager Bus!

Last night in Senior Seminar, one of my classmates who works at the bar across the street from the residence halls mentioned that the Jagermeister bus would be in town. For those who don't know, Jagermeister ("Jager" for short) is a German liquor which tastes like black licorice. Legend has it that Germans actually use it as a cough syrup.

So anyway, the Jager bus was in town on Wednesday night. I have no classes on Thursdays. After watching yet another excellent episode of The West Wing (the writing is as crisp now as it was in its second season), I headed across the street.

For those of you who have visions of going joyriding in the Jager bus, with a sober driver carting around a literal busload of drunks in various states of undress, I assure you nothing like that happened.

What actually happened went more like this:

The Library - the bar, not the place with all the books - was busier than I've ever seen it. Judging by the cell phones, slick hair, and cigarettes, I'd say the frats somehow got wind of the Jager bus's arrival (then again, frat boys can smell empty Jager bottles from three alleys away). You had to buy a shot in order for the Jager princess to give you any free crap, so I bought two shots - one for me and my new Jager hat, and one for a friend who wanted a Jager wifebeater Tshirt.

Mmmm. Jager.

I chased it with a bottle of Budweiser. At some point in the evening, my future coworkers from this fall showed up and we spent the better part of the night yelling "Opa!" for any reason, like toasting the drunk hippie who went ass over teakettle by the jukebox.

So that was a nice escape. I got a little homework done and am now working on the outlines of not one, not two, but THREE bigass papers coming due over the next few weeks.


Blogger Mags said...

Jager with a beer chaser? Man, you are SO hardcore.

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