Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It Is March, Right?

Winter is hanging on in Laramie. Yesterday the wind blew in biblical gusts with pebbles thrown in for flavor. I have this theory that Wyoming is slowly and literally eroding into Nebraska; that a sample of the brownish crust taken from the tops of snowdrifts around here would reveal traces of Utah and Idaho. In spring storms in Wyoming, instead of brushing the downy flakes from your shoulders like you're walking into a commercial for hot chocolate, instead of shaking the ice from your hat like a Maine lobster boat captain, you spit grit into the corner. Other Wyomingites will know what I mean.

It was windy yesterday; it was windy all night long (my window knocked and thumped and howled); it was windy when I woke up. This morning it snowed horizontally for a few hours. It's clearing up now, and it looks like the wind is slowing a bit too.

Busy week ahead. Today and Thursday I help interview potential RAs for next year; tomorrow a partner and I present Macbeth in terms of Foucault's language and power in discourse (we're using Apocalypse Now as a lead-in – how very male undergrad of us). Thursday I spend working on my midterm project for Quantitative Reasoning, due Friday. Friday I turn in the project and, most likely, take a test in Linguistics. All this while going to class and working desk shifts. There's also another open mic on Thursday night, but I really doubt I'll be able to catch this one.


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