Friday, March 25, 2005

Dealing With It, pt. 2

Well, I found a good article for the Senior Seminar assignment, and I'm about to type up the transparencies for the Quantitative Reasoning presentation. The Linguistics paper, however, is not shaping up very well - which is to say, not at all - and I'm really scrounging for source material. At this point I think my paper might need to somehow incorporate the notion of Gaelic as a source of Scottish identity within the negotiation of nationalism between Scotland and England. Robert Burns, for instance, would often use English and Scots in his poetry to intentionally confuse English readers while stirring up romantic notions of a Scotland that never really existed for his Scottish readers. Not sure Burns ever wrote in Gaelic; I'll have to check that. But surely some poets did the same thing with Gaelic. I hope.

Late yesterday afternoon I went to Altitude, a brew pub in downtown Laramie, to meet my friend L and her husband and also to get loosened up in preparation for the Illini game. So, after a beer and good conversation, I took off from Altitude in the hopes that CBS would broadcast the Illini game instead of the Louisville / Washington game. And of course, they didn't. Since I could either watch a game I didn't really care about (the Louisville victory helped my bracket, but only in the sense that a dixie cup would have helped bail out the Titanic) or I could go back to Altitude and hang out with L and hubby. So I went back to Altitude, chatted for a while with L's friends J and K who were very smart and funny, and split once it looked like the Louisville / Washington game would end before the Illini - which it didn't. So I didn't get to see ANY of the Illinois game except when CBS broke in with highlights. *sigh*

This afternoon I'm going to work on that Quantitative Reasoning project, get some reading done (Dracula is a very long book, and slow, and I may wind up skimming some of it), and also nap.

Yes. Yes, I think a nap is definitely in the works here.


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Grad school was great for napping in my own personal experience. College too.

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