Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dealing With It, pt. 1

A good while back at Amazon, a friend recommended a coping strategy when things get well and truly nasty: physically write out everything that's bugging you and possible solutions, and the process of doing so often reveals what things you can and can't control. It may be obvious and pedestrian, but damn if it doesn't work wonders for me. So tonight I'm sharing the list of things that are bugging me, with the exception of some intensely personal stuff that I'm just not going to share.

In no particular order:

- Senior Seminar in English. Not only do I have to read Dracula by next Wednesday, but I also have to do a bona fide article review on Dracula, Alice in Wonderland, or MacBeth. That will entail hours at Coe library, hunting down journal articles which employ critical theory, and then writing my own evaluation of how well the author employs that theory. Wheeeeee! This has to happen either tomorrow or Friday.

- Various appointments. I may have to skip the gym tomorrow morning, given other commitments.

- Linguistics. Our final bibliography and thesis statement for our final research paper are due in two weeks. I'll be writing about Gaelic as an issue of control within the political discourse of Scottish nationalism, but my initial search at Coe didn't result in very many resources. I'm trying the public library tomorrow, which might also afford the opportunity to flirt with the hot librarians. I'm not kidding.

- Linguistics, pt. 2. Our current chapter focuses on phonetics, and I'm still struggling with a batallion of vocabulary terms. Word on the street has it that the exam for this chapter is notorious for turning C averages into D averages. Heading to the coffee shop downtown tomorrow to make flashcards.

- Young Adult Literature. I need to read four more books outside of class (a total of about 800 pages), and do write ups for each. At two hours per book and one hour per write up, this isn't a difficult assignment, but it is a serious time commitment. I should be able to get a good bit done this Saturday.

- Young Adult Literature, pt. 2. We have a "novel set" paper coming up, and I'm a little shaky on the requirements of the assignment. Will review assignment paper tomorrow and get a better idea of what, exactly, I'm supposed to be doing before attempting to do it.

- Quantitative Reasoning. Very small and relatively straightforward presentation due Monday. Will make fancy transparencies (because God how Education instructors love transparencies) either tomorrow or Friday. Not sure the copy center is open on Sunday, and Saturday is out because I work the lobby desk from 2 to 8.

- The room. It's cluttered. I haven't really unpacked since the trip to Steamboat. I've come to believe the act of cleaning a room has a psychological cleansing effect as well. And goddam, I could use me some of that there cleansing.

- Register for Fall semester. I have everything I need, so I might do that tonight after I'm done here.

- Money. Yeah, well, this never changes. I need more of it. Helloooo, loan office!


Blogger Anna said...


That's a lot.

Hats off to you, bro.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Chad said...

Keep your eye on the prize man. One day, everything's going to come together nicely, and you'll know it was all worth it, batshit annoying girl and all.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

so I finally got around to looking up your blog, sorry it took me so effing long to do it. :)
If you want company at the library you just let me know (meaning both Coe, and the one across the street).

11:07 AM  

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