Wednesday, February 02, 2005

This Had All Better Be Worth It

I'm more or less getting my ass handed to me in all four of my classes. I got a low B on a quiz in Quantitative Reasoning; a C and low A on quizzes in Fundamentals of Linguistics; and an A- and C- on the Foucault presentation and subsequent quiz in Senior Seminar in English. The only class that I'm truly enjoying is my Young Adult Literature class. Then again, whatever enjoyment I get in that class is balanced by the workload; I read about 700 pages this past Sunday in an effort to simply keep up.


In other news, I'm spending more time at a coffeeshop downtown, mostly because it's easier to study there than in my little cinderblock of a room.

Hmm. I just realized that it's Wednesday. A fellow RA claimed he was going to record the West Wing for me, but with the State of the Union and all, I'm guessing that was a pointless endeavor. I should note here that I really prefer the imaginary president to the real one, but I suppose most of you could have guessed that.

Okay. It's Wednesday, and I'm always a little cooked on Wednesday nights. Sleepytime beckons.


Blogger CanadaDave said...

Yeah, the State of the Union pre-empted West Wing. The speech itself was a strong reminder that the pretend president is far superior...

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...the State of what Union?
Wake Forest beat Duke last night.
(and Dickie V didn't like it)
Was there anything else on?... Dennis

1:56 PM  

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