Sunday, February 20, 2005

I Was to Understand This Semester Would Not Suck

I spent two hours this morning in the coffee shop downtown reading a great novel for my Young Adult Lit class and the better part of the past 8 hours looking up source material - any source material at all - for my research paper on Gaelic in my Linguistics class. Some of you might ask, "Why did you spend 8 hours on a Sunday working on this assignment?" And I might reply, "Because it was due on Friday."

On Friday afternoon I showed up at my Linguistics class with three pages of painstakingly drawn phrase structure trees. I was immensely proud of myself for actually doing homework our professor promised would NOT be collected. Somewhere in my DNA, the genes that control my Protestant work ethic shouted "huzzah!" and had a pint. Then I noticed that other students had that homework done, PLUS a separate packet of papers.

"We only had homework today, right?" I asked the young woman behind me. "There's nothing else due today, right?"

"Um, no. The annotated bibliography for our research paper is due today too," she said. "And it sucks," she added. "It took me, like, six hours to do."


So when our professor walked in before class I calmly told her I had it stuck in my craw that the bibliography was due next week. She smiled the way I imagine executioners do. "Just give me what you have," she said. I blinked a few times. She shook her head, bemused. "Can you have it done Monday?" she asked.

After Linguistics I went to my Quantitative Reasoning class, which sounds scary but is actually pretty cool. It's all about assessment methodology and right now we're covering Open Ended Questions - which is simply a fancy term for "essays." At the beginning of class the instructor asked for our homework. Which I hadn't done.


Luckily quite a few other people hadn't done it either, so we were all given reprieves until tomorrow.

I'm telling ya, folks, if last semester was a high-speed thrillride on the intellectual autobahn, this semester is a poultry truck rambling down county route 3 with loose lugnuts.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Buah hah hah. Wait until next fall.


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