Thursday, January 13, 2005


My financial aid arrived today, so I celebrated by dropping 50 bucks at Wal*Mart on an area rug for my room, some throw rugs, and some 20 lb. dumbells (because I want to work on my arms, but not have to walk all the way to the gym to do it).

Speaking of walking. It's cold. It's really goddam cold. It's about 15 degrees without the wind, and on my way to Hoyt Hall today the intersection of 15th and Ivinson was a wind tunnel. I don't know what the official temperature was supposed to be, but I can promise that whatever the weather officials say it is, it's actually colder. It's cold.

I went to Happy Hour tonight at Altitude, Laramie's best (and only) brewpub. I'm not a huge fan of their beer or of their sushi, but I had both as a sort of last rite before the semester really kicks in. My friend from UW's Center for Volunteer Service invited me to Altitude to join her and her friends from the American Studies program... they're all very, very smart and hilarious to boot.

More as I get it.


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