Thursday, January 06, 2005

Pain, Redux

We went cross country skiing yesterday as a staff. I'd done it several years ago and seemed to recall liking it very much. Yesterday, though, on rented equipment and bad snow, it felt more like walking and less like gliding.

I also fell, often.

Remember how I hurt my back sledding a week ago? I had probably ten wipeouts yesterday, four of which resulted in landing precisely on the spot that was already injured. It didn't hurt too badly yesterday, but that's because it was below zero with the wind chill so I was more or less numb. Today, though, my back hurts. A lot. And just tonight I'm starting to get really sore from the skiing itself (I've noticed that it takes longer for muscle soreness to set in as I get older – I used to be sore the morning after an activity, but now the soreness peaks 24 hours, or more, later. Weird.).

So, I'm in pain.

Other than that, we're getting ready for the hall to open back up to residents tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it, honestly, because although I did pull down the 4.0 GPA last semester, I could have done a better job as an RA. The good news is that I know precisely what areas need improvement, so it's not like I was a clueless lame RA, just a preoccupied lame RA.

Speaking of RA duties, my fellow RA and I finished decorating tonight, with Wyoming sports schedules on one bulletin board, a testicular cancer info board (complete with graphic illustrations of self-checks because otherwise they probably wouldn't read it), and a general info board. The highlight, though, is the "Yeah Buddy" section of the lobby's wall: we cut out large letters spelling out "Yeah Buddy," photocopied a thumbs-up sign, and now guys can post their friends'/mortal enemies' adventures in a very public and thus humiliating fashion. And really, that's the beauty of the "Yeah Buddy" wall: it's as doe-eyed sincere or as nasty and mean-spirited as they want it to be.

More as I get it.


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