Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Note About Wyoming Basketball

In a previous post I'd mentioned that we suck really, really, REALLY bad. At the time that statement was true: this is the team that went 10 minutes before scoring a single solitary point against Utah. The score was 18 - 0. At home. On the day we celebrated 100 years of Wyoming basketball. Thanks a bundle, guys.

That said, we beat BYU in the battle for who-can-stay-unvictorious-in-the-Mountain-West-Conference the other night. Hell, we were even on TV.

I've joined the "Sixth Man Club," which is basically the student section that all wears the same T-shirt (and if you watched the game on ESPN the other night, wearing cowboy hats). I was in the second row and could've been on ESPN if I'd tried, but didn't really feel like mugging for the camera. If you saw the line of seven guys that spelled "WYOMING" on their chests, I was right behind the "I." So that was fun. Attendance wasn't quite what I'm used to, though, having been to a few Illinois home games.

Finally, it should be noted that the Sixth Man Club members who stood outside for hours before the game (of whom I was one) were absolutely reamed - in advance - for swearing at BYU. Basically a guy came out of the ticket office and yelled, "AND THERE WILL BE NO LET ME REPEAT NO PROFANITY TONIGHT OR WE'RE KICKING YOU OUT!" So we didn't celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday by screaming profanity at Mormons, which I still think would have been appropriate since they were the racist assholes who once refused to play Wyoming because we had black players on our team.


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