Friday, January 07, 2005

Like You Really Wanted to Know This

Because I'm bored and because I don't have much to write about, tonight I'd like to share with you as many New Year's Eves as I can remember. As an aside, for two years now I've had rather lame New Year's; I've decided already that there will not be a third consecutive lame New Year's, so get ready to par-tay in just under a year.

04/05 – Laramie. In bed with a back injury. Vaguely remember watching the ball drop.

03/04 – Edwardsville. Fell asleep around 10. Woke up at 2 in the morning. Happy New Year!

02/03 – Lexington. Went to a coworker's party with Mary Ann. Was an asshole to her for whatever reason, most likely because I was in the throes of a painful and prolonged departure from Amazon.

01/02 – Louisville. Some Amazon friends invited me to Louisville to meet their friend. Got lost on our way to a party. We were standing on the porch, peering into windows trying to see if it was the right party, when they all yelled "Happy New Year!"

00/01 – Lexington. I threw a party at my first apartment there (the first floor of a house built around the time of the Civil War – no shit). Some Amazon coworkers showed up because mostly we were all new in town and only knew each other. Played "2001: A Space Odyssey" DVD in the background because I'm that fucking clever.

99/00 – Tucson. Hung out with my friend Matt (the author of the recent essay) in downtown Tucson. Stumbled into a dive where the band played Johnny Cash's "Jackson" as bubbles rained down on us from a balcony. In the balcony Matt and I met two young women, one of whom looked like Clara Bow and was the culprit behind the bubbles. I made out with her (I've always had a thing for brunettes with short hair. And glasses are a major plus.) while Matt made out with her friend. After the New Year turned we staggered down towards a gated block party where the women ditched us as Matt fired off an impromptu radical diatribe to a local TV station's camera crew. Never saw the women again. Spent what remained of the night curled fetal on a very uncomfortable couch in Matt's apartment.

98/99 – Seattle. Hung out with friends from Amazon's customer service department, and then crashed a party on a pier thrown by some way-high-up Amazon execs. Made out with a young woman from work underneath the Space Needle as fireworks ushered in the New Year. We wound up dating.

97/98 – Portland, OR. Friends from Phoenix had recently moved to Seattle and wanted to spend the New Year in Portland, for whatever reason. We rented a seriously crappy hotel room near downtown. The four of us split up, and somehow I made out with a woman I met in a cool Irish bar. Never got her name, and she said she didn't want to know mine. After the New Year turned she and I split up and I went back to the hotel room and slept on the floor.

96/97 – Tempe. Hung out with Matt (the same one). Got ripped at various bars and counted down the New Year in the middle of a street party.

95/96 – Champaign. I think I spent this one at Murphy's.

94/95 – Champaign. Hung out with the Onion staffers at Matt's (different Matt, but that one was there too) apartment. Inwardly marveled at the fact that I was hanging out with Onion staffers.

93/94 – And here it gets fuzzy. I would have been in Champaign or maybe visiting my dad in Edwardsville for this one.

92/93 – From here on back I have no idea. Or at least, only vague memories. I know I spent one in the early 90's in Ukiah... perhaps certain members of the Dearest Readership can enlighten me with that one.


Blogger Leta said...

Yeah, for a long time my odd-numbered New Year Eves were not just lame, but pretty bad. NYE is my birthday, so I usually have several party invites and often just travel from one party to another and have a great time. But the year I turned 21 I was planning on spending the evening at one party. As it turned out someone with whom I was having a huge falling out (which was my fault) with lots of bitterness and acid stomach on both sides, had (unknown to me or her) been specifically invited to the party so that we would be in the same place and could "talk it out." So I spent the evening ducking someone who - if she had to talk to me - wanted to scream obsenities at me. Whoo-hoo. Way too much fun. Hope you have a better one than this year for 05/06.

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