Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I Was To Understand There Would Be Snow

"... And if you're in the intermountain West, look out," quoth a meteorologist on the Weather Channel. "Winter storm warning," they said. "Possibility of up to two feet," they said.

This morning I rolled out of bed and peeked out the Venetian blinds like a kid. Nothing. Not one flake, airborne or otherwise. I checked CNN.com's weather section and it claimed it was snowing in Laramie. Um, no.

There are big plans around here for snow: as part of an official staff bonding thing, we're going cross-country skiing tomorrow. As part of an unofficial staff bonding thing, we're going sledding tomorrow night (the attorneys really hate it when we go sledding... yet another argument against ever becoming an attorney). Now, obviously, there is plenty of snow in the mountains west of and the foothills east of Laramie. Here in town, though, it looks more or less like a scene out of Lawrence of Arabia, but colder and with fewer trees.

And besides, my back still hurts from last week's sledding accident. I've got a small bruise just underneath the ribcage, but interestingly no discoloring anywhere else that it hurts, which is about an 8" by 8" area on my back, side, and butt. So while I look forward to hanging out in the snow, I'm not sure how much physical activity I'll be able to tolerate.

More as I get it.


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