Wednesday, January 26, 2005

From the One-of-the-Funniest-Goddam-Things-I've-Ever-Heard Department

Michael Berube writes:

College basketball has never been my strong suit. I almost won one of those March Madness betting pools fifteen years ago, but that was the year I determined all my picks after the Sweet Sixteen by coin toss. (True! I was the only person in the pool who picked UNLV that year, but I finished fourth nonetheless.) But I do have something of a connection to the Illini. When I arrived in Champaign for my campus visit, sixteen years ago this month, I was informed by two basketball fans on the English Department faculty that they were foregoing the Illinois-Michigan game in order to have dinner with me that evening. “Is Illinois-Michigan a big game, then?” I asked. Deadpan, one of them replied, “Well, when the number two team in the country plays the number six team, yes, many people would consider that a big game.” “No kidding,” I gushed, “you’re number six?” There was a three-second silence. “No,” he replied, “we’re number two.”


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