Monday, January 03, 2005


I'm back in Orr Hall, the holiday break being abbreviated for RA's. For some unknown reason they're making us go through an entire week of training. Worse, we have to decorate each floor's lobby and individual doors, again. Wheeee.

As a semi-serious resolution I've decided to try writing each and every night. There for a while back in 2001 I wrote a page of fiction every night, but I'm not feeling ambitious enough to set that goal this time. So far I've written a total of four paragraphs. Incidentally, I won't be posting or otherwise sharing that stuff. More than anything it's just practice, a way of getting my brain back in shape, and therefore it's mostly personal and, I promise, pretty boring.

On that note, a reader has suggested that I post some sort of serial installments on the blog. As exciting as that might be for you, it would be painful and burdensome for me, especially on nights like this, when writing is the last thing I want to be doing. Good suggestion. Won't happen anytime soon.

The back is still sore but getting better. We're supposed to get lots of snow tomorrow. I'll try to post something entertaining as soon as something entertaining happens. More as I get it.


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