Tuesday, December 14, 2004

[Insert Sigh Here]

Consider the hill crested. I turned in the final paper in Lifespan Development yesterday and the one for Scottish Literature today; it was on the consumption metaphor in Lanark. The Scottish Lit paper was one of those papers that fought, bit, and clawed the entire time – that fucker just didn't want to be written. Written it was, however, and as painful as it was to write, I think it's fairly solid. At 30% of my grade, it better be.

All that remains now is the final exam in Medieval Lit on Thursday, and the final exams in Teaching with Computers and Intro to Lit on Friday. I found out tonight that I got an A on my final Medieval Lit paper, so barring a complete meltdown on the final exam, I probably have an A in the class. And the other two, well, I have strong A's in those classes, too.

M and I broke up tonight. There will be no further details, Dearest Readership. It just didn't work.


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