Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Meese is a Pig

On my way across campus today I glanced up at the flagpole for no particular reason. Now, from what I can tell, this flagpole has no real significance apart from what the military industrial complex wants us to feel about flagpoles. I mean, it's a pretty normal flagpole. In fact, it's so normal, so completely pedestrian in its flagpoleness, that it could pass for Plato's flagpole in the realm of forms.

Preconscious relic or no, it had no business uncorking an old dream, but that's exactly what it did. Suddenly I remembered flags and corridors and t-shirts saying "Meese is a pig" from a dream I had many, many years ago.

Why does that happen? Why do random scenes or smells bring dreams back like that? Maybe time runs out on synapses and firing through old patterns is their way of staying relevant; a chemical PR move. Or, for that matter, maybe I was supposed to get something from that dream that I never got, and somewhere deep inside I'm still chewing on it.

No, I suppose that's unlikely. I think what's more likely is that I'm writing because I don't feel like studying right now.


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