Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Halloween Ot Four

In the fall of 1999 I was a cog in the customer service department at Amazon.com, living in Seattle, and weighted down by pocketfuls of disposable income. If you've never been in Seattle for Halloween, especially the neighborhood around Broadway Ave., I highly recommend you try it out, just once. I mean, you won't believe the shit you'll see.

Anyway, that was the first year I went as Hunter S. Thompson. The movie version of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" had come out, but I was already a Hunter fan. I think I might have gone to one of Amazon's infamous Halloween parties as Hunter, or maybe not, but either way that was the year I discovered a remarkable ability to BECOME Hunter S. Thompson at Halloween. It's weird: you put on the hat and glasses, stick a cigarette holder in your mouth, and suddenly you're forced to mumble non sequiters about bats, or booze, or politics, or swine, or whatever.

Nevermind that most people who think they get the costume don't call out "Hunter!"; mostly they yell, "Fear and Loathing!" Which strikes me as akin to liking Chaucer because of the sex scenes.

So this year I was invited to a party on Saturday night on the west side of Laramie. Companion X went home to celebrate her mom's birthday earlier that day, so I went stag, sucked down a can of Budweiser, made talky-talk with a guy dressed up as a Young Republican, and skeedaddled back to Orr Hall. I had to work early Sunday morning anyway, so it was a rather subdued Halloween compared to what usually happens.

On that note, when my best friends C&H lived in Seattle in the late 90's and early ots, Halloweens were simply Out of Control. At one point we vowed that someday we'd all go as Scooby Doo characters (I fucking hate that cartoon, but whatever), and guess who got elected to be Velma. Fuckers. Anyway, C&H are now in DC, but are thinking of returning to Seattle or even Laramie, pending job offers at universities. Hmm. Yes. Let's see. Post Doc stuff at the University of Washington, or at the University of Wyoming. Gosh, I just don't know which one I'd pick.

Then again, C&H now have a child, and personally I'd rather raise my kid in Laramie. Their respective families are in Wyoming, too, so I hold out hope that a year from now I'll be living in my best friends' basement, paying them rent, and playing Mario Golf or James Bond on Nintendo 64 just like the old days of Seattle, '99.

God. Was that really us?


Blogger Chad said...

Mario Golf rules! Too bad I whoop your ass at it. Cool costume though. You do make a good Hunter.

9:54 AM  

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