Sunday, November 21, 2004

The End is Nigh!

Okay, well, things seem to be looking up. We’re heading into the last few weeks of the semester, and thank (a) God (who may or may not exist) for that.

From what I can tell, here are my remaining assignments in order of stress generation:

1. 12 page final paper in Medieval Literature, due 12/2. We have a choice of topics and I’ll be writing on structuralism in Beowulf. Not that I have a thesis yet. Yikes.

2. 12 page final paper in Scottish Literature, due 12/7. We get the final assignment this Tuesday. Right now I’m thinking about Scottish paternalism in The House with Green Shutters and Lanark. I don’t have 12 pages’ worth of things to say about Scottish paternalism. Yikes.

3. 7 page final paper in my Intro to Literature class, due 12/8. I turned in a real piece of crap for my last paper (I tried to clarify Roger Williams’ position on converting Natives) but got an A; right now I’m thinking about Sara Knight’s terrifying road trip from Boston to New York, which I’m told is still terrifying.

4. Translation paper in Medieval Literature, due 11/30. Read 40 lines of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight from the Pearl manuscript, translate it, and account for every word on the page. Sounds easy, right? I dare you to try it. No, nevermind. I’m almost done anyway.

5. Observation paper in my Human/Lifespan Development class, due 12/6. I’ve done the actual observation, now I just have to write it up.

6. Article summary in Teaching with Computers, due 12/1. Find an article about the gendered use of technology in the classroom, write a summary, turn it in. Um, okay.

Those are the assignments; on top of these are final exams, which shouldn’t be too bad since I haven’t missed any classes.

I’m also in the process of filling out an application for “Phase III” in my education career. Phase III covers the two semesters in which I’ll be mentored by a real life teacher and then do student teaching, scheduled for 2005/2006. The application process is roughly equivalent to filling out an overseas travel request in 1961 Russia. I swear to (a) God (who may or may not exist), a system’s value to humanity is inversely proportional to the amount of paperwork required of its people.


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