Monday, November 22, 2004

The Dudie

Happy thoughts tonight. Happy. A metric ton of work (see below) looms large and menacing, yet tonight I'm happy. Why?

1. I'm dating someone. Our idea of a good time is her knitting while I read her copy of The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism.

2. I get to go to Willie-dudie's for Thanksgiving. More on Willie-dudie in a minute.

3. An ex-girlfriend got her righteous self out of an icky relationship.

4. My beloved Illini are going to kick the shit out of the Big Ten in men's basketball.

5. Wyoming is probably going to a bowl game. I'm not kidding. They really are.

6. It's snowy and cold. All is right with the world when it's snowy and cold.

So, Willie-dudie, a.k.a. Willis, a.k.a. Dafe, a.k.a. Dave. Dave and I really got to know each other about 4 years ago, when my soon-to-be stepbrother Tim and I met for the first time. Tim and Dave were friends growing up in Champaign, and over winter break four years ago (I think it was four. Dave? Tim? Do you guys remember when that was?) Tim and Dave and Jenn and Liz (longtime friends+) and I went bar hopping in downtown Champaign.

On the way to the bar in Dave's minivan, we realized that we recognized each other from somewhere. We started listing off the classes we'd taken, and it turned out we'd had a Modern American Literature class with Michael Berube together. Michael Berube, I should mention, is a genius. And he's really, really, REALLY funny. And he knows his hockey. And he left my beloved University of Illinois to teach at Penn State... which is Illinois' loss, so someone there really fucked up. But I digress.

Anyway, Tim and Dave and Liz and Jenn instantly included me in their social plans whenever I came to Champaign, for which I'm still deeply grateful – probably more so than any of them realize. I can' t believe how serendipitous it was that four people could be so nice and so cool and have so many similar interests as my own. Also, when they lived in the house on Daniel Street, they threw absolutely humdinger parties. When they weren't throwing humdinger parties, they were sitting around playing guitar and singing songs I knew and loved.

At some point in that interaction I was initiated into the Dudie. The Dudie is a collective of dudes. I'm not sure how long it's been around, but it's an honor and a privilege to be a Dudie.

Dave and Jenn eventually held one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever attended, in Colorado in the summer of '02. That trip, especially the camping excursion Tim and I took on the Poudre river, probably saved my life; that's when I realized the agony at was as temporary as I wanted it to be, and that maybe I really did belong back in the Rockies.

After a stint in a tiny little Colorado town called Larkspur, Dave and Jenn recently moved to Steamboat Springs, where Dave works at the college library. I haven't seen their new place yet but will in three days. Hopefully the roads won't be too bad; it's about a 2.5 hour drive on dry pavement and I know exactly how my little truck handles on snowy roads, which is to say it doesn't handle at all.

And really, this is exactly what I need. I haven't had much fun this semester, Dearest Readership. Undergrad is supposed to be fun, but it's been remarkably absent from my life until M entered the picture (she's going home to Boulder for Thanksgiving). So really, spending a few hours with Dave and Jenn – just hanging out, not necessarily doing anything – will be a very welcome relief. I can't friggin' wait.


Blogger Anna said...

So what's your favorite lit-crit school? Mine is psychoanalytic criticism. I can't get enough of Harold Bloom, though everyone I know who knew him at Yale says he is one mean bastard.

8:08 AM  
Blogger david said...

i don't know anybody who knew anybody at yale.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

You do now.

3:24 PM  

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