Friday, October 01, 2004

Week 5 in Review

Sunday, 2pm. Arrive at Coe Library to write a 6 pager on Beowulf. Writing academically seems to be coming back, as exemplified by sentences like "Ultimately, the dragon is explicitly horrible because of its actions against society, and implicitly horrible because of its unknowable lineage." Hmm. Yes, yes. Brilliant, Mr. Primrose!

Sunday, 6pm. Leave Coe Library with the paper mostly finished. Having a hard time coming up with a conclusion paragraph; this is probably important.

Sunday, 8pm. Watch two really bad football teams.

Sunday, 10pm. Realize I haven't read Twelfth Night for Monday morning's Intro to Lit. class. Begin reading Twelfth Night.

Monday, 12:30am. Having a hard time focusing on Twelfth Night. Beginning to remember why some of Shakespeare's stuff drives me nuts.

Monday, 1am. Give up on Twelfth Night because too many goddam names contain the letter "o."

Monday, 10:00am. Suffer through agonizing lecture on the question of identities in Twelfth Night. Judging by how little participation comes from the normally involved class, I'm guessing other people didn't read it either. Feel marginally better about this.

Monday, 11:00am. The Twelfth Night lecture was an intellectual orgasm compared to the drudgery of a genetics lecture in Human/Lifespan Development class. Genes, chromosomes, DNA, blah blah blah. I still don't know this shit.

Monday, 1pm. I'd signed up for the blood drive in Washakie basement. Arrive on time, but worried about the unfinished Beowulf paper and, now, a looming "discussion paper" for my Medieval Lit class, which I want to have prepared for Tuesday so my professor can give her approval for its dispersal on Thursday.

It's warm and stuffy in the blood-letting room. A nurse pricks my finger and asks roughly a billion questions about my sex life ("I may be desperate, nurse, but no, I haven't paid for sex"). I feel warm. She asks me if I'm okay. I say yes. She asks another billion questions, and again asks if I'm okay. I mumble something about feeling warm. She says, "You're sweating. Lie down." I lie down and she puts ice packs on my neck. She says, "You're not giving blood today."

Good lord. What kind of fancy dandyboy am I if I can't even fucking give blood?

Monday, 2pm. Head over to Coe to begin the Medieval Lit paper. Spend an hour searching the MLA bibliography for an article about Beowulf (might has well stick with what you know). Discover that Wyoming's library doesn't physically have most articles listed in the MLA bibliography. The importance of funding and maintaining libraries is suddenly made clear in immediate and personal terms.

Monday, 3pm. Finally find an article on Beowulf. Not sure it's MLA. Don't care. Write the two page discussion paper.

Monday, 6pm. Attend weekly all-staff RA meeting. Attorneys from risk management and one from student legal services talk to us about their jobs. Most boring people ever. Quietly thank God I didn't go to law school.

Monday, 7pm. Attend follow-up meeting with RA's from my hall. Worried less about the behavior of the fraternities across the street than about my Beowulf paper, for which I still haven't written a cogent conclusion. Get extremely agitated when meeting disintegrates into a bitch session about how hard RA's have it.

Monday, 9pm. Somehow come up with a weak conclusion paragraph for the Beowulf paper. Whatever.

Monday, 9:30pm. Realize I haven't done the reading for my Scottish Lit class on Tuesday. Begin reading Hogg's The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner.

Tuesday, 9:35am. Continue last week's lecture on Dante's Inferno in Medieval Lit class. Silently ask God to please, don't ever make me write a paper about it. Professor reviews discussion paper after class, gives a few ideas, and says it's good to go.

Tuesday, 11:00am. Discuss The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner in Scottish Lit class. Remain as inconspicuous as possible, since I fell asleep after reading approximately three pages the previous night.

Tuesday, 1pm. Print out both Beowulf papers and drive into the Snowy Range. At Libby Flats, a scenic overlook at 10,000 feet, I sit in my truck and perform a Final Editorial Review. Realize my conclusion paragraph, in reality, still sucks.

Tuesday, 6pm. Write a mediocre conclusion paragraph for the Intro to Lit Beowulf paper, and touch up the Medieval Lit discussion paper.

Tuesday, 8pm. I have HR duty tonight, which is basically just hall patrol every few hours and then having the cell phone for overnight emergencies. Go on patrol with fellow RA. It's quiet. Too quiet. But that suits me just fine.

Tuesday, 10pm. Go on second patrol. Nothing.

Tuesday, 11:50pm. Go on third and last patrol of the night. Sweet holy Jesus, we made it through without any drama.

Tuesday, 11:55pm. The cell phone rings. The assistant hall director asks if we've done our midnight round yet. I say we have. He says, "Oh. I was hoping you could ask the room above me to stop banging the bed so loud." I offer to go interrupt the sweet sweet lovemaking, but he says he'll do it.

Wednesday, 12:10am. A guy from my floor knocks on my door. Apparently his roommate is being an asshole. Again. We talk for a bit and he says he's fine, he just needed to vent.

Wednesday, 9am. Work a one hour desk shift before class. My replacement arrives early, which means I don't have to waltz into my Intro to Lit class late. Small mercies.

Wednesday, 10am. Hand in Beowulf paper in Intro to Lit. Have bad feelings about conclusion paragraph. Sit through, and don't participate in, yet another discussion of gender identities in Twelfth Night.

Wednesday, 11am. I didn't think films about sex could be boring. Then I watched "The Miracle of Life" in Human/Lifespan Development. Judging by the special effects and new-age synthesizer soundtrack, I'm guessing it was made in about 1983. Somehow manage to repress urge to run from the room screaming.

Wednesday, 1pm. Attend Teaching with Microcomputers class. Finish up our slideshow presentation entitled "Bicycle – A Tragedy." Add Queen's "Bicycle Race" to soundtrack. Leave two hours early after instructor watches slideshow and claims it's very good. If you say so, man.

Wednesday, 3pm. Finish the second half of The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner without having read the first half. Turns out the story is even more fucked up than I'd originally thought.

Thursday, 7am. Arrive at desk for 2 hour shift. Skim over first half of Hogg.

Thursday, 9:35am. More Dante in Medieval Lit. The only two things I know for sure are A) people aren't in hell because of their sins, they're there because they don't recognize their true sins (usually due to the absence of Reason), and B) this shit is beyond me. Quietly ask God again to please, don't ever make me write a paper about this.

Thursday, 11am. More discussions of Hogg. Contribute reasonably intelligent observation to discussion: Robert is certifiably nuts.

Thursday, 4:30pm. Go to Altitude for sushi and beer. A family friend (who happens to be in my Scottish Lit class) from way back joins me, and we fill each other in about our families' histories.

Thursday, 6:30pm. Return to my room. Watch Navy/Air Force game.

Thursday, 10pm. Realize I haven't read John Donne's poetry for Intro to Lit class tomorrow. Quickly review syllabus and make executive decision that I can read it in the morning before class.

Friday, 10am. Discuss Donne's poetry.

Friday, 11am. Sit through lecture about fetal development. Get some assignments back. Vow to read chapter 4 this weekend.

Friday, 12pm. Schedule weekend studying, which includes more than 200 pages of reading, a 4 pager in Medieval Lit due Tuesday, and a chapter summary in the computer class.

Next: nap.


Blogger david said...

p-diddy, regarding your post about the MLA bib, you're also using your full text article databases, right? like ebsco academic search premier or lexis nexis academic? complete articles from thousands of scholarly journals and not-so-scholarly magazines. if not, let me know and i'll shoot you a quickie tutorial. these databases are the shiznit.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

I forgot to give you my most important secret for academic success. Here it is.

Editing is much easier than writing. Everybody loves to edit and critique---it's a human instinct that may be even stronger than sex. :-) Therefore, if one has the writing done, one is free to speak of oneself as "editing" the work.

The real trick is in redefining how one sees "writing." A few lines of outline count. From then on it's all editing.

I have found this to be tremendously freeing, particularly if one can at all manage to start the project early. The editing instinct functions at its best when allowed time to mull things over.

1:01 PM  

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