Friday, October 29, 2004

Origins, etc.

So, I'm dating someone. For now, in this forum, we'll call her Companion X (blatantly stolen from some other writer I can't currently place). Her identity shall remain anonymous, and in the interest of her privacy, I probably won't write about her too much. There are some things, Dearest Readership, that are just none of your damn business. I introduce her only because of a conversation we had on our first date a few weeks ago. More on that in a minute.

Someone else asked me recently where I got my blog's title. It's from a song I wrote a few years ago, and honestly, it's the only one of my songs that I think holds up. The first verse, and chorus:
If the sun didn't ever rise/
We could all be ourselves in the dark.
And the world would never be apprised/
Of my universe falling apart.

Every dark soul's the sum of somebody's failures/
And I can never shine enough
So the sun keeps rising, and I keep fuckin' up.

Hmm. Yes. Deep. Lyrics always seem so godawful trite in print - especially mine. But I think you get the gist... failure and imperfection are inevitable, blahdie blah blah. Looking closely, though (using English major Luminol, as a fellow blogger so brilliantly put it), I think you can probably see my Zen-like acceptance of the natural order of the world. I just happen to be particularly in touch with failure's role within that natural order.


Companion X and I drove over the Snowy Range to the hot springs in Saratoga on our first date. It's about a 70 mile drive from Laramie when the pass is open, and beautiful. On the way we talked about all sorts of stuff, including the fact that we each have a "sense of wonder." For both of us it goes beyond mere inquisitiveness - although I like to think we're both fiercely curious in our own right - and into the realm of amazement. The fact that the earth rotates at a perfect speed, at a perfect distance, from a nuclear explosion is either a statistical or divine gift. The fact that you and I get to see sunrises is a miracle.


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